10000 people have stood up to create abundant and fulfilling life. Are you the next?

- Rewrite your Destiny and U Can

The Ultimate Proven System for Personal Transformation

The live workshop will be held on FEBRUARY 27th and 28th at 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Duration: 2 Days (Virtual live Workshop through ZOOM)

“STAND-UP” is a life-changing workshop designed by Niranjan Nerlige V, Rebound Coach, TEDx Speaker, Author & Transformational Expert

He has helped 10000 people all around the world to achieve success in their personal life, job, career, business, health, wealth, and relationships through developing an unstoppable attitude.

How often do we feel as if we have hit a brick wall while living our life?

No matter what we do we just cannot seem to move forward.

It feels as if it is a difficult puzzle that we simply cannot seem to solve.

Why do people get stuck in their business?

We continuously make losses when we are supposed to be profitable.

Why do some people get stuck in the same job position for years when in reality they should have got a promotion years ago?

Add to this the fact that we feel that life is dull and boring.

There is no joy left whatsoever.

And even if someone manages to gather some courage and motivation to move ahead, the dangerous and difficult valley of uncertainty stops us from taking more than two ahead in life, doesn't it?

Everything seems to work against us!

And it gets even worse as we lose our desire to improve.

We lose ourselves.

As we grow up our own inner voice gets drowned in the voice of others.

We need to figure out a way to find ourselves back before we can help others do the same.

It’s only when I discovered the potential in me that I became a ray of hope and inspiration for thousands of others.

Trust me I felt trapped and lost in my life as well.

But I did not give up hope.

And today I stand as a role model to everyone looking to overcome the challenges in their life with ease and effortlessness.

But your story can be different and if I can achieve so many amazing things even when I am paralyzed there is absolutely no limit to what I can help you achieve.

I am being remembered as an inspiration to the people whose lives I touch.

Now the question is what will YOU be remembered as?

And very few people know the skill of developing this mindset.

Once we STAND-UP and face our own thoughts that belief we can replace them with the thoughts and beliefs that we prefer.

Once we stop blaming ourselves and fix our beliefs, life begins to work for us!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could have someone to guide you to create a mindset and a belief system that helps you to win in ALL AREAS OF LIFE?

The thing is that no one and I mean, NO ONE will tell you how you can change your beliefs to become unstoppable.


Because most other people don’t have believe in themselves in the first place.

And even if they did believe in themselves they don’t have a clue as to why something is working out for them.

So it becomes very important to have someone to tell you why some areas of life may or may not be working with proper logic behind it.

Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you how you can create a belief system that works in your favor instead of working against you!

But I don’t want to just “tell” you how you can get the winning beliefs.


I want to SHOW you!

The new Success Mindset and the new belief set will help you overcome any challenge effortlessly in life.

And I have applied the same techniques and methods to achieve success   in all areas of life despite having only half of my body working after I met with a life-altering  injury 26 years back and was confined to a wheelchair rest of my life

Can you imagine what YOU will be able to achieve with all parts of your body working?

And this is what the "STAND UP-Rewrite your Destiny & U Can"  WORKSHOP is all about.

The STAND-UP WORKSHOP is a step-by-step system with actionable tools and techniques that helps you get to the core of all the negative beliefs that stop accomplishing many things in our life

It helps you dissolve all the negativity within.

And what happens when you dissolve the negativity within?


No goal seems too big to achieve.

All our lives, we have been lied to by people around us.

We have imposed our own limitations and not been able to see the extraordinary life ahead of us.

We unknowingly start to believe what others keep telling us.

“STAND UP-Rewrite your Destiny & U Can “ is the program where we can become aware of all those negative beliefs and systematically replace them with powerful empowering beliefs to take our life to the next level.

And as you change the thoughts and beliefs within you, the neural association of the brain behind will also change.  

About Niranjan Nerlige V

Niranjan has worked with various Corporate Professionals, Businessmen, and  He considers everyone has hidden potential and capability to become unstoppable to realize their dreams. What’s set them apart is their thoughts, mental barriers, and ambition to achieve things.
It’s Niranjan’s mission to provide tools and strategies that help everyone to STAND UP to their life, STAND UP to their challenges, STAND UP for what they believe in, STAND strong to accomplish their goals, and realize their true desires. He strongly believes everyone has the ability to STAND UP for their life to go beyond their obstacles, mental barriers, limiting beliefs, fears, worries. It’s Niranjan’s mission to help at least 5 lakh people in the next 5 years
This program is facilitated by the person who himself has met with an ill-fated accident, who fought boldly all odds and yet leading a happy, successful life of incredible achievement.
He has been featured in reputed magazines like Forbes and others,   TV channels, and Newspapers.
His Book “ I Choose to be Unstoppable” became the #1 Amazon India Bestseller.

What will you Learn

  • How to become unstoppable & take charge of your life by using my NEGATIVE INNER VOICE DEMOLITION FORMULA
  • How to change the course of your life using my 3D approach to be successful( in career, business, finance, and relationships)
  • How to rise to the occasion and define your life with the help of my 4S system.
  • How to discover your potential which is untapped till now and lead an extraordinary life
  • Be less angry and frustrated with others and yourself so that you can build healthier relationships and communicate better with others.
  • Be less judgemental and critical to others and yourself.
  • How to find your true purpose & live life magically.
  • Stop seeking people’s approval and pursue goals that are important to you.

And much more…


1st Day: (Cleaning  your Baggage) 

  • Getting clear of your limiting beliefs
  • Identifying your N-Code (Negative Codes) and E-Codes(Empowering Code)
  • Getting rid of your old Identity- Past wrong beliefs
  • Learn to Communicate to yourself (Removing your negative voice)
  • How to turn your Fear to Power)
  • How to stop worrying?
  • Healing past wounds, feelings
  • Clean Slate – Clean your Past Baggage

2nd Day: (New Future)

  • Understanding your Personality
  • Success Cycle, Success Formula
  • Developing Warrior Mindset
  • The Power of Integrity
  • Morning Rituals to Keep up your inspiration.
  • How to be Productive throughout the day
  • Power of Incantations VS Affirmations
  • Understand your Potential and realize your hidden Power
  • The Power of Happiness?  
  • “Prosperity - Mind-Set” to attract financial abundance.
  • Understand your life purpose (Mission and Vision)
  • Create New Future

And don’t forget to take these limited-time bonuses

Productivity Blue Print  - Rs 1500

Goal Setting Blueprint - Rs 1500

Sphere & Light Meditation Audio - 2000

6 Rules to “ How to Stop Worrying” - Rs 1000

20 Powerful Affirmations. - Rs 1000

Not 50K

Not 25K

Not even 15K

Just INR 3,000/- ONLY.

But why does this happen?

Why do students who take up the STAND UP workshop overcome challenges effortlessly?

Because they discover and put to use the techniques revealed in the STANDUP workshop and get rid of all the negative beliefs they collected over the period of their lives.

"And for a limited time I am giving these INR 3000/- bonuses worth Rs.7000/- absolutely FREE!"

Still hesitant?

Take a look at how others who took the workshop have changed their lives.

I always get 2 questions about this program.

If you are looking forward to releasing all the negativity from within in order to find success in ANY particular area of your life, be it Job, Career, Business, Health, Wealth, and Relationships, then the STANDUP WORKSHOP is absolute for YOU.

Let me ask you a question?

How much would you pay if you could control your thoughts and beliefs to create the life you desire.

Small actional steps will be required, yes.

But you will not let opportunities go.

You will not only grab every opportunity but succeed in surprising ways.

So yes it’s absolutely worth your every penny!


So here's what you can do right now...

  1. You can figure this stuff out yourself (It may take a year or so and you'll be spending a LOT more than Rs. 3,000/- rupees)
  2. You can do nothing and keep relying on luck (There's nothing wrong in that unless you really want to sit and watch others take away the success that you could have taken.)
  3. You can join this program right now for 3,000/- and move towards creating the life of your dreams in a matter of just 2 days not months under the guidance of an experienced  Life Scientist.


Here are just a few examples of how people started living the life of their dreams after attending the “STAND-UP” WORKSHOP.

Having personally known Niranjan for over twenty years, I can easily say that nothing stops him! His life is not just the story of how he fought physical disability and won, but how he developed an enormous amount of mental and emotional strength to tackle problems at every stage of his adult life. When most people give up at the slightest hint of challenges and ask “why me”, he took every challenge head-on by saying “try me!”. He is my favorite real-life hero, and I am sure he will leave you inspired!

Tathagat Varma
Founder, Thought Leadership 

“Meeting Niranjan truly changed my view on life. He inspires so many people. When you read his inspirational story in the book, you’ll see that you, too, can be UNSTOPPABLE.”

Joe Bartmann
President,South Dakota, USA

“Niranjan is a standing power and an inspiration for all those people who cannot standup by themselves. He is a vibrant thought process thinker. Niranjan is very clear in his approach and his goals. He can inspire people take actions on their dreams and desires, without settling down with reasons and justifications”

Pavan R C
Founder of Achieve School
Q.1 - What is the duration of the STANDUP WORKSHOP?

2 days Virtual followed with 10 Days challenge

Q.2 - I am an entrepreneur; professional; student; housewife so is this program relatable for me?

This program provides tools and techniques for your success in any area of your life.. So, you will always be able to get the maximum benefit from these topics covering all aspects of life.

Q.3 - Do you give a money-back guarantee?

The nature of the program is digital and experiential learning. Hence it’s non-refundable.

Q.4 - Will I get a chance to meet Niranjan in person?

He conducts in-person seminars exclusively for STANDUP CLUB members in major cities regularly. So, you will be getting this chance quite often.

Q.5 - I have done a similar program in the past. Should I still do it?

Learning is great - through this program you will be more accountable and an action taker.

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